Retro Knight 1.32

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(This project has been updated to v1.6)


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Default Controls:
Arrows = Move
Space = Attack/Enter Area
Hold Space = Charge Up
F = Eat Food
D = Use Weapon
R = Use Retro Attack
SHIFT = Pause
MOUSE = Use Pause Menus / Shop in Stores

This is not a tiny game. This is a full RPG you could be playing for hours.


Are you ready for REAL mobile adventure? Welcome to Retro Knight, an action/RPG/sandbox game that offers retro-inspired adventure not found on other mobile games! Play as Grudge, the newest dim-witted knight to be recruited by King Kerupt and General Jerkface, as he starts a quest to not only became the greatest knight in all of Kingdomland, but also to recover the Relics of General Importance and rid the land of monsters. Are you ready to get back to real, retro-powered adventure? Are you ready for Retro Knight?

• Venture over the countryside at your own pace, exploring where you desire in this free-roaming map full of secrets. There's always something to do!
• Buy your own house (or four) to store more items, decorate how you like with a built-in map editor, and even take a nice nap!
• Enjoy a world that operates on a real-time clock! Weather patterns, night/day changes, traveling shops and events, and even sales in select stores!
• Accept daily orders from your King to earn Badges and unlock new, top secret areas.
• Compete against other players in high-score specific arcade areas, or simply to see who has eaten the most tacos.
• Open your own store! Buy from or sell to other players as part of the Retro Knight Community!
• Equip dozens of different weapons, armors, and equip hundreds of different items, accessories, and magical tools (some of which might have been borrowed from other classic retro games).
• Pick up arcade-style power-ups to unleash new abilities on the monsters that long to eat you like the Fire Sword or Bottled Lightning.
• Shop at over 100 different stories in nearly a dozen different towns!
• Enjoy classically-inspired elements from retro games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Bubble Bobble, Castlevania, Joust, Balloon Fight, Metroid, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Bomberman, and more!

Seriously, you need this game. Hurry up and download Retro Knight for iPhone or iPad!


This game has a lot of potential. The intro cutscene was really funny. And the variety of equipment you get is really nice too.

It does have its bugs, though. For example, some quests (e.g., the Skeleton Valley and the Knight's Tutorial) don't have exit portals. And when you don't have sufficient materials for the Fire or Ice Sword in Grumpy Town, you still get the Fire or Ice Sword. On the UFO, when you die, and you come back to the overworld and walk somewhere, you randomly die again. You get two plays of the same overworld track playing simultaneously.

I really do like this game, so if you could take care of the bugs, that would be great.

scpgames responds:

- I'll look into the missing portals. That's odd because I know people have completed those quests. (UPDATE: Knight's Tutorial and Skeleton Valley seem to work fine. Tested twice. Are you sure you made it to the end? The Blue Diamond on the map dictates where the ending goal should be. It is a checkered platform.)
- The news about the Fire and Ice Swords is new to me... yikes. Glad you can't sell those for Gnit. (UPDATE: Found and fixed.)
- The UFO error is STILL THERE?! ARG! I thought I fixed it. (UPDATE: Triple checked. Seems to work in v1.4. Made adjustments for v1.41 anyway.)

Looks like I'll need a v1.41 now. I'd really like to get past these bugs and start working towards the big v2.0, so thanks for reporting them.

Weclome? also you mistook green dragon armour for the blue one. and mistook blue dragon armour for the green one.

scpgames responds:

Gotcha. They do the same thing. Easy fix.

I was really getting into this game.

Then I bought property at grumpy town. Every time I go to try an enter the area where the property is, the game is stuck on the loading screen.

Also, on the main map I am unable to use the whistle to return to the main castle.

Hopefully this is fixed soon.

scpgames responds:

I will look into it. Totally fixable. Let me see about your house first as that is a big deal. The whistle might need to be added to the Bug list. Please PM me your username.

UPDATE: So... the 'house default data' was not being created. It is now. If you let the game SAVE, it should create default data for you. You can then enter the empty area and see your vacant lot. There is a new button at the TOP LEFT you can use to open the editor. I hope to clean up this editor and make it more user friendly, but I also have to design it to work well on mobile. Tricky.

UPDATE: Magic Flute should work now.

I got stuck on the tutorial too. If you activate the switch number 1 and then the number 5, the number 1 will be stuck.
I had to start a new game.
Anyways, great game.

scpgames responds:

Okay I can confirm that error. Probably due to the fact the 1 and 5 are so close together. Those pads are NEVER that close at any other point in the game. I spread them out in the tutorial.

PS: I just added Vespas as an option. :P


Due with v2.0 in September.

Seems to be pretty good. But I got stuck on the tutorial because one of the yellow switches was stuck. And the audio quality seems pretty bad. But it's a pretty decent game.

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scpgames responds:

Audio sounds good on my end. Not sure how the switch got stuck. Never seen/heard of that before.

PS: Fixed yellow pads. They were too close together and causing triggers/code to overlap.

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3.50 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2018
1:50 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG