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Return to the Moon

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Ever wondered what a return to the Moon could look like if we were to go there soon, and use execting tech? To not only return but to also build our first Lunar Base there?

Made by animation students from Falmouth University, in collaboration with DSEA (http://dsea.uk) . This animation aims to show you how we can return to the Moon for good.

This animation shows an overview of what a base build inside of Shackleton Crater could look like.

The concepts shown in this animation were meant to be a representation of the following concepts:

Trans-Formers for Lunar Extreme Environments: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/trans-formers-for-lunar-extreme-environments-ensuring-long-term-operations-in-regions-of

Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) Excavator: http://technology.ksc.nasa.gov/technology/TOPS_13664_RASSOR_Excavator.htm

Lunar Surface Manipulation Systems (LSMS): http://technology.nasa.gov/patent/LAR-TOPS-73

In-Situe Resource Utilization: http://www.philipmetzger.com/blog/

(Bigelow) BA-330, and NASA Inflatable Lunar Habitat concept: http://bigelowaerospace.com/b330/ & http://www.nss.org/settlement/moon/library/LB2-303-InflatableHabitation.pdf

PISCES Robot Builder / LANCE Grading Blade:http://www.techtimes.com/articles/127062/20160122/robot-built-entire-launch-pad.htm

Modified ATHELE Platform. https://www-robotics.jpl.nasa.gov/systems/system.cfm?System=11

Lunar Greenhouses: http://www.nasa.gov/vision/earth/livingthings/25feb_greenhouses.html
3D printing of Habitat Shells, as well as several other concepts.

Animation project commissioned by DSEA Group: https://www.facebook.com/DSEAgroup

Animators were students from Falmouth University

This animation was completed by students at Falmouth University for the International Space Development Conference 2018.

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Now this was pretty much perfect! I like the tone the video sets, with the a,most brooding music in background, and somber/professional voice. Feels serious. The graphics compliment everything nicely, and so many references! Not bad.


Awesome vision projected here. Hope we earthbound misfits can somehow be convinced to do these projects soon.