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Fruit Thieves

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Defend your garden against fruit thieves in this fun mix of tower defense and clicker genres. How far can you get? The game features multiple enemies, many worlds, a boss and cool towers, as well as awesome 8-bit graphics!

With awesome music by gruber.

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I guess this is an okay tower defense game. The gameplay is somewhat enteraning, the style and art is "nice" and fits kind of a retro theme. The way the game works isn't very straightforward. The tutorial isn't very good at explaining how the enemies, towers and upgrades actually work. The two enemies in the first wave and all of the enemies in the second wave can't be destroyed b the towers that I do have. This would make a better iOS game than anything really flushed out.

missing something
like PeterKisner said

I really like this game and have played it many times. But despite my enjoyment, I have many critiques:

* As someone mentioned the reset button is really close to the ammo recharge button.

* Having to constantly click the ammo button makes it tough to get other things done. I know it was an intentional part of the game, but it got tiresome really quickly and I worry about wearing out my mouse button over time.

* The towers that automatically make ammo take so much gold to buy that by the time I can afford to use them the game is almost over. And they don't make much ammo compared to my clicks anyway. I might feel differently if the ammo making tower synergized with the ammo click multiplying tower, but they don't.

* The money tower is not very useful for a similar reason: By the time I can afford it, the tower isn't that necessary.

* Buying multiple levels in a given tower doesn't seem much use. Cheaper to just buy more of the same tower.

* Except for the shooter towers, the bomb towers and the click multiplier towers, I really didn't find a need for most of the other towers in the game. Which is a shame, because they seemed like decently designed ideas.

* By the time I've gotten to level 8 or 10, I feel like I'm pretty much all set. There just don't seem that many challenges beyond that (those tower-dismantling guys are a little pain, but eventually handled). So at level 15 when the game ends, it's kind of anti-climactic. Maybe a couple harder modes or extra levels would be fun?

* Could use a few additional maps.

Having said all that, I'd like to reiterate that I really did enjoy the game. Neat graphics, generally decent play.

Reset button way to close to ammo pump

Good idea, but unfortunately it started lagging like hell for me at level 11, when I had 45 money towers. I could not click / upgrade any more.