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An okay Maze/Puzzle game. The game has good pixel art, simple controls and animation, and relatively creative level design. Nothing mechanics-wise (except for the teleport pads, keys and gates) than any other centipede-style game. Music isn't to repetitive in this one.

I love the kind of games that make me think, Great job!

Concept is pretty good, but there is a major drawback. This kind of game does not benefit from unpredictability. Keys opening random doors and portals leading to random portals. Ok, they are not random, but unknown.

Other than that, it was to short and to easy. I managed to play it through in five minutes. This game has potential, but needs more work.

I really like the concept of the game, but I found it super easy. The solution to all puzzles was to either go for the furthest key or go back and forth in the portals.

It's a really nice idea, but I think the level design could use some love. I see the potential of this!

For puzzles to be actually considered as such the rules of the games must be made transparent, consistent and understandable. Your keys opened random doors making it trial and error, your portals lead to random other ones leading to trial and error, and despite all of this your game took me 5 minutes, with less virtually no levels to play. the fact that you state "I hope your head is ok" shows that you believed the puzzles to be challenging. All in all I got less than 1 minute of play per puzzle, which is sad.

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3.31 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2018
11:11 AM EDT
  • PICO-8