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Color Cube

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Author Comments

20/06/2018 Little fix. Now bullets with the same color will spawn less often.

Use left and right arrows to rotate the cube to catch the bullets. The color of the bullet should match the color of the side.

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from what i know this is a fun game but it takes forever to load

It's a good skill game, i like that the game speeds up when i score more and more, the cube takes 3 hits before blowing up (shown on one of it's sides*, which it's fine to me, the design is nice blue/black square grid style. For this lil' game, i'll place it a 4.5 star

Cool game! I like the simple and clean style!Thanks for using my song!

Triton36 responds:

Thanks for the review. Your track fit the game very well.

I love the simplicity and creativity of this game. Sound design and graphics are also pretty nice. The only thing is that it can get a bit boring to look at. Some more details or effects in the center cube would help a lot with that I think. Other than that I like this game a lot.

Triton36 responds:


Great game! The slow increase in difficulty mixed with smooth an enjoyable gameplay formed the perfect solution for a wonderful experience. I can only think of one issue in that the blue and purple cubes where easily mixed up at higher speeds and I think that could have easily been remedied with a yellow color. Still a fantastic job and found myself playing multiple times to get the full experience.

Triton36 responds:

Thank you, your review very helpful.