Crowd Nine

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"This game is dedicated to people who are crazy when a rocket falls."

Join the film of an unnamed director, featuring a rocket (made by nine people) that's going to fall towards the earth. Build up the scenes as many as you can from the director's command.

"What do we do now?", play (and watch) Crowd Nine and witness the randomness of the crowd.

Features various mini games to enjoy, and awesome music from Rasmuz.

This game was originally made for the Global Game Jam 2015, it was uploaded at Newgrounds before, but I removed it due to Unity Web Player being obsolete. I just got an ample time to rebuild and make it better.

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I found it to be a fun, simple game. My biggest gripe is that I've had multiple cases where the transitions between objectives were so sudden that I lost because of it. I found the difficulty curve to be slightly too slow as well, and went from doing completely fine for the first 5 minutes to getting destroyed immediately after, I feel like it should have gotten progressively harder rather than jumping up so quickly. I did find it fun enough to go through 3 times though.

Loved the quick prompt concept of this game! Played once and felt annoyed, played again and found myself smiling and played one more time to discover more games existed then the first two plays for a rewarding experience. Even the director's opinion changed with mine having given looks of scorn and disapproval through the first playthrough only to be replaced with smiles on the third (A very nice touch I thought). The games where all fun and changed quickly to keep the game interesting and fresh without lingering on any one too long to make it boring. The only issue I had was with the mouse portions which required quick maneuvering to succeed but unfortunately, I only have a laptop pad with no actual mouse which made them quite tricky. Keep up the fantastic work!

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2.63 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2018
7:03 AM EDT
Action - Other