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Stick fight heros 1

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this is the 1st part of my first stick fight heros ... actually this is my first stick figure animation... i will upload part 2 soon.. stay tune with me.. you can cheak my youtube channel also https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlBJY3gDifuaDu6NhxMpbw?view_as=subscriber .... hope you will like it... plesee give me your opinion about this animation. :)

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So the animation is nice here I love what you did with the backround too some good visual of detail nice art style too the stick adventure here was good I like me some sticks and this came out good


im amazed of how good that animation was I really hope theres going to be a part 2 also not to be that guy but you have spelt heroes wrong its not heros its heroes not to be a dick great animation keep up the great work

AshisAnimation responds:

I already uploaded the part 2 also...you can cheak...and sorry for my wrong spelt..because my english is not that good... and thanks for liked my work.... you have to see part 2 also...

Pretty majestic logo in the background there! Really appreciate the detail in the background. Some pretty interesting characters in this one too, though seems much shorter than the last one. The music seems a bit higher in this one, and I'm wondering if you have the rights... might run into trouble with that bit if not. Copyright issues. Otherwise: really cool. The after effect bits worked well too. Experimental but real nice! That orange dude sure was something else. :) Not to mention the dragon. Looking forward to the third part!


AshisAnimation responds:

No no... this music have no copyright issues. And thanks again for like my work.. ;)

Please add me in third one
Name: RedeyesBlazen
Power:Smoke with hot ash in it to suffocate or lift or slam or push with
when he holds still he standing in one spot moving side to side like hes drunk red eyes with darker red pupils
Likes:Poker,Four wheeling,fighting
Dislikes:unfair advantages,big challenges, or sitting still for to long

This is cool! I can see that a lot of effort was put into it, keep up the good work!

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man... :)

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3.48 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2018
4:44 AM EDT