Fly My Dragon

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All Dragon Types 10 Points

Unlock all dragon types

All Accessories 25 Points

Get all accessories rewards

All Colors 25 Points

Get all colors rewards

All Skins 25 Points

Get all skins rewards

Gem Collector 50 Points

Complete 3 Gem Collecting Missions

Runner 50 Points

Complete 3 Runner Missions

Total Runner 50 Points

Complete 3 Total Run Missions

Author Comments

Download for free on Google Play:

If game doesn't load download .exe on GameJolt:


Good graphics, and it's very satisfying to collect gems and unlock new skins, etc. Reminds me a bit of a downmarket Mario Kart.

However, why is the dragon so damn fragile? I thought I'd be playing as an apex predator, but one hit and I get a game-over screen. Extra lives, or having us lose time from a timer whenever we crash into things (giving us a bit of leeway), would be good.

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Potential to be awesome but i cant really play it due to the controls..... laptop pad and keyboard dont work too well :/ Keyboard only would be sweet :)

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FunToCreate responds:

Hey, we added keyboard control, you can change it in the main menu :)

very awesome game the only dumb thing about game is controls and useless gold,

if you would please fix these two things i think then i would change my mind

The controls are the only thing that drags this down for me. I absolutely hate the mouse & keyboard control combo; either do everything via mouse, or everything via keyboard. Half the time I was pressing 'A' and 'D' to move left and right since I'm conditioned to those controls when 'W' is up/jump and 'D' is down/duck.

Put in options to use 'A' and 'D' and I would rate this game higher (as I would play longer).

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FunToCreate responds:

Hey, we added keyboard control, you can change it in the main menu :)

Pros: Very nice graphics, nice but simple concept, lots of things to collect and options for customization, fast-paced but not too fast

Cons: Controls are a bit wonky and seem to shift in responsiveness / sensitivity. The mouse cursor still shows in the game which is a big distraction, and is always off-center from the dragon which makes maneuvering difficult. Very repetitive, reduced to just grinding for gems, could definitely use more variety.

Overall a good game (especially since I loooooooove dragons), if a bit rough around the edges. The controls are my main issue. Would have given it 4-5 stars otherwise.

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Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2018
3:06 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other