Madness Crawler

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My first animation, well, first that i publish on the internet.
Sadly flash started lagging at the end, so every frame that i made almost crashed everything so i had to end it as fast as i could.

All constructive criticism is welcome.

Sprites and sound that i used are from the series ,,Madness Combat" which is made by Krinkels.

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See, your problem is that it feels too forced and inorganic. The movements feel way too jumpy and sudden because it's so static. Try having the characters constantly moving, at least back and forth a little bit (look at Krinkels' stuff for reference). The animation itself isn't very fluid. Make sure to practice. Try having less memes (at least with long static shots) and working more towards keeping the action and movement going. Some bits are too fast an jumy, while others are too slow, like the punch. You also can't have no midframes and people materializing crowbars out of nowhere without any movement. The sound also needs to be synced. In the beginning the main character's gun s completely silent. So yeah, make sure to practice your animation-as long as there's will for improvement, progress can be made.

Boonzi responds:

Thanks, of course my main goal now is to improve (i think it's actually the goal of most animators) and having such long and constructive criticism is really helpful.

Madness is out of fashion .

Boonzi responds:

Yeah, it's been a long time since it was really popular but it still has a pretty active fandom so i wouldn't call it so ,,out of fashion", but that's your opinion.

Very enjoyable for first animation!

Boonzi responds:

thx :3