The Last For Us Part II

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Ellie & Joel deserve a break, but they may not be alone.

The sequel to the animation I made back in 2015.
This one's based on TLOU Part II, where Ellie is now 19 and even more hardened by the world.

I took a gigantic break in the middle of production of this but I finally finished it in time to release it during E3 2018.


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Ellie and Joel are on their own for now but a climax comes

that break in and the ending, lol

I don't think the art style is what's off putting for most people. I think it's the outlines. It's wonderful that you're trying a less static animation with more independent movements and dynamic expressions and poses. What I'd recommend is keeping the new art, animation style but re-try the old outlines that are thinner and closer to the character's color. :)

Liked the old art style better, it was more unique whereas this just feels too similar to other styles I've seen. Still it wasn't bad.

the animation is great but the art style isn't for me. I feel like the first of this had a much nicer art style. but its great other than that