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HC is an unholy combination of farming matchgame with porn where everything is possible... even some weird stuff... mainly some weird stuff.

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Nice game and i like the minigames. however i do not like the art tbh. its a mix of different artstyles. get it to one level with some actual nudity in it and ill rate this game 5 stars.

hornyclinic responds:

Hello and thank you, the art in the game is from public domain pictures so far. But fear not, the artist is already on board, we are working on it :) Thank you for the review and playing!

i dont get the battle system what ever i press i lost
other then that really fun game

hornyclinic responds:

Hello and thank you for the review!
That is extremely odd. You lose when you have 0 HPs, or lust = lustmax or 0 will, you should not lose in other cases. If the problems continue, please send us a PM and we will try to figure things out.
Thank you for playing, Horny Team!

Since you deleted two of my reviews and tried to silence me, for whatever reason, I've decided to leave you with this rating^. Enjoy.

hornyclinic responds:

Uhm, it is not actually possible to delete a review; so, for whatever reason you wrote this stupid review, I've decided to ignore you. Enjoy.

I liked the game but i got frustrated with lulu, it always say i couldn't isolate her at the end of the first day she's in.. (I have her on the padded room) I gave her the fuck machine and she gave me the quest "Delivery guy" But i can't beat 50 guys in one day.

hornyclinic responds:

Hello and thank you for the review! You have two weeks to do the quest, so if you go player->quests->delivery guy quest and it reads 1 day left, it means that you used the 13 days one way or another. However, if it says 13 days left and you get this problem, it is a bug. I tested it on my computer and everything seems to be working ok. So, if the problems remain, please, do send me a PM! Thank you for the report and playing!

Having trouble with the tutorial. When it says to upgrade the living room, the text covers over the upgrade box, so I can't click it.
Have played the matching games, leveled up stats... and can't get anything of interest to happen. Same stock photos everything starts with.
Idea seems decent, but game play needs some streamlining.

hornyclinic responds:

Hello, it is a flash/browser scaling issue... I don't think that flash can force browser to scale one way or another. Anyway, you can easily fix this by scaling your browser window to 100%.
I hope this helps, thank you for playing!