Idle Raiders: Second Run

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Raid dungeons, beat bosses and get epic loot in this hero simulation idle game!

Second Run is the successor to the popular Idle Raiders, an idle game where you manage your own little band of dungeon-raiding heroes and lead them to victory in the toughest raiding dungeons their world has to offer.

Take care of loot management, define the equipment and skill builds that the raiders use, unlock upgrades that help your raiders in combat, or assist them with consumable items such as healing potions or damage boosting scrolls.

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Ads for pubg cutting off significant portions of screen.

I'm going to agree with the other guy, 2300 kills for one of the experience rate increase swords is extremely excessive. I also don't want to spend several months getting one floor more each run after getting 10K+ coins in 24 hours, and this is on a FAST map. I'm at 2294 kills myself, and this is almost as bad as Seal Online for how insanely low its drop rate is. I'm guessing this game is pay to win just like Seal too?

killed over 2300 on level ten and still no transparent sword drop. other then the drop rate for some items being questionable the game is fun and i like that i have the ability to change out the gear at anytime and chose the level i fight on.

pitforest responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some items are supposed to be really rare because they are really powerful, but numbers balancing is a constantly ongoing thing for us. How long did you farm for those 2300 kills? What number of drops do you think would be appropriate for that time?

Loading stuck at 99%.

pitforest responds:

This could happen if another tab was active during the loading process. Some browsers reduce the bandwith a tab can use if it's not active. What browser did you use?

I really like it. I'm at raid 4 now. The game has a pretty slow start (it could use some interactivity and more/better tutorials in the first few hours), but over time it unlocks more and more new stuff and becomes pretty complex. It's neat that the characters actually walk around and fight, with the actual equipment on their character that you looted previously and using skills you gave them, and you can watch them do it, and it's not just done in a more scripted way like in most other idle games. The raids are hard but it's fun to see your raiders slowly getting better and chipping away at bosses.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2018
5:37 AM EDT
Simulation - Other