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Finite Dodge

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Your weapon is powerful but it can only shoot every 3 seconds. Your ship is in perfect shape but it can only take 10 hits. You could dodge forever but a person can only live so long.

WARNING: The music was made by me and I have zero experience in making music.

Thanks for reading

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For the short game that it is, it's not so bad.
I would like to note that it's nearly impossible for tablet users to play
this. I've also definitely heard worse music, and the frantic sound it has
actually adds to the stressful feeling of the game.
Just my two cents.
Oh! And I found it kinda odd how you can go off screen.

It's kinda fun but other then that it's just bad.

It's a nice idea, but the presentation it's very lackluster, even if you are aiming for a minimal style. A good looking background would be a nice addition if you are relying on a single screen. Also, that music it's a bit nerve-wrecking ; There's plenty of musicians in here who will be glad to let you use their music to improve that area of your game.

The graphics are very simple and the gameplay is too. The controls are good. It's pretty difficult. Your blasts can get stuck in the corners so enemies bump into them at random times and enemies often pop up at around half the screen vertically, so it can be hard to dodge them. Overall, there's not much to the game. I appreciate the bouncing physics-based enemy patterns though.

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2018
8:10 AM EDT