(+18) A date with Earth-Chan

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Finally, my second game is here!
I've gathered all the feedback you guys have been giving me and applied it into this small game. These are some of the new features you will find:
- Animated H-scenes!
- Save/Load features.
- High quality sounds.
- Polished writing.
- An overall step up in quality!
I've put tons of effort on this project, so let me know what you think!

Also, a lot of you complained about the patron-exclusive content my first game had, and to be honest, I'm not a big fan of premium content either, so this game has none of it! You can enjoy it at its fullest without paying a dollar.

If you want me to make more games like this, consider supporting me at:
(Supporters will also have some cool rewards, like the full-screen HD version of the game, Photoshop and After Effects files, etc.!)

Relax and enjoy!



I got one little issue, because while yes, water vapour is the lead contributor tot he greenhouse effect, it is also the least actionable contributor. saying that it's bad is like saying the sun is bad. sure it can be harmful, but you really do NOT want it to go away despite that. I just don't think that line was really appropriate here. otherwise I love this game. funny dialogue, otherwise solid facts. very nice art

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And this is story : How the Moom was born :DDD

Educational, punny, and yet still sexual.
I'm sorry, I'm still chuckling at... well, literally everything. I've learned the same amount in 5-10mins what a week of college chem and bio tried to pound into me. And I'm still dying. Yes, I did purposefully try to poison the earth with CFC's. No, I was not expecting that to even be considered in this. This small snippet has already gone above and beyond what any H-game has tried to do, and has even ended in a genuinely (sappy AF) romantic note.
Side note: I am now going to recommend The Big Bang to a lot more people and just wait for that response.

The game doesn't seem to work for me. I start it and the opening loads 1 letter every several seconds, and none of the other menu options do anything. Is there something I need to do to fix this? I guess I'll give 4 stars so the overall rating won't be too effected, I don't want the work put in to this to be devalued because of something that might not even be the developers fault.

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Babusgames responds:

Hmmm, no idea. I recommend using Chrome as it's the browser I've been testing this on. If it still doesn't work with Chrome, PM me!

I've always wanted to fuck the earth. Okay now to be serious, nice game. Its short, sweet, and genuinely good, nice animations btw. i would like adobe flash better to run this game. i honestly will be looking forward to more games from you.
p.s. i also kinda wanna get a sequel to the teachers law, possibility or nah?

Babusgames responds:

Thank you!
Yeah, The Teacher's Law is still on my mind for a future game, but I still don't know when will it happen. Right I have a very juicy project between my hands that I'm sure will surprise you for good!

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3.84 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2018
8:07 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating