Guide Me

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Guide Me is a game about a traveler who got stuck in the woods and is being guided by a voice in the woods.The game is meant to be as hard as unfair mario, so good luck!

Controls:left arrow and right arrow to move up arrow to jump

Animators:Renisarts,Dynamite Frog

Developer:Dynamite Frog

Sprites:Dynamite Frog,Renisarts,Syahkiller

Music Used:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl-yUnWH4Bs

Speacial Thanks:Wan Faiz,Ursiwave

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I think it's a really neat concept that could be made into a very fun game but the execution was too poor. Having to restart from the start is fine but having to refresh the whole page is just tedious, and having to do it before the game has even started doesn't make me want to continue playing.

Also, the arrows are way off from where you're supposed to jump. They're almost an entire quarter of the screen ahead of where they're supposed to be. That's just cheap.

DynamiteFrog responds:

hmm alright, yeah I can see that the arrows are a bit too far from where it suppose to be

i knew it its the refresh button XD
btw nice game keep the hard work

DynamiteFrog responds:

Thank you! I'll keep working hard on making my games

the game looks ok BUT i dunno how to restart help

DynamiteFrog responds:

its the refresh buton sorry

Decent idea, I had some fun with it. A couple problems though.

The game would periodically freeze on me if I continued to hold the 'left' button for a certain amount of time. It got really annoying to play after a while, and it crashed on me once. I get that it's meant to be hard, but I don't think it's meant to be buggy.

Also, not telling you how to restart is more than just a dick move, it's a momentum killer. One of the key elements to making hard games fun to play is the ability to restart/respawn quickly. That's why Hotline Miami is so popular. Concealing the ability to restart is one of the worst things you can possibly do in a game like this.

DynamiteFrog responds:

thank you for giving me a full detail review and yeah, the game is pretty buggy I don't really know how to fix it but I'll see what I can do

You did a major game-design mistake here. Rage games are based on "oh for the goodness sake I can do it" feeling while requiring a considerable amount of skill and also some luck. They provide user with the feeling of achieving something too, like progress or score or something. Here you let user just fail at the first obstacle before any progress was made. There's literally nothing to hook on. It's not "rage" game, it's "pff next" game.

DynamiteFrog responds:

alright, I understand thank you for writing this review I'll try my best to make my next game better than my previous ones

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2.69 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2018
1:11 AM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 5th Place June 11, 2018