Snow Bunny Adventures Vol1

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Hail friends, thank you for being so patient with me while I got my head around cc animate. I present to you a more substantial version of the snow bunny adventure games.

People crticised me quite fairly for a lack of a story. I was too sparing with my context clues in previous games, and I've learned in the past that context can make porn even better

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Another cuckold-trash about "black supremacy"? Thanks, no.

p.s. In European countries, the humiliation of white people is not considered racism?

Captain-Freeman responds:

You must be fun at parties

in azrael world white man is cucold.black man is dominator and white woman is whore.so progressive/ need more gay and trans

Captain-Freeman responds:

I've phased out the unpopular IR stuff

It is truly a terrible game if you can even call it a game.

Can't really say anything noteworthy.
What I can say is the small improvements are starting to seep through.
Other than that it's okay.

Captain-Freeman responds:

Small improvements are the greatest kind though. A progressive improvement over time is the construction of greatness.

Thank you for the review

UHm. why

Captain-Freeman responds:

for the glory of satan, of course.