A shard of mine

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Who is Luna? Where is she? Why is this all your fault? Venture into a cursed land and find more about this mystery!

Arrow Keys now work for walk and Menu navigation

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

Original version https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708842


This Amazing World
by Dolphin-Mind

Drafty Places, Dreamy Game, Into Battle
by Eric Matyas

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i liked it

overall great game

Constructive criticism:
- maps need to be a little clearer about where the borders and walls are.
- Changes in scenery should be reversible.The red pumping motion was a little nauseating. didn't finish killing the other enemies before seeing how strong the four hearts were. Need a way to get rid of it. (Walk away maybe?)
- Put the people who ask for quests before the item needed or scattered. The boy with the toy and the girl's ring is mostly what I'm talking about.
- very minor annoyance, but I don't like it when the character shakes vigorously when their movement is impeded.
- you don't really know what to invest in at the beginning of the game and you only get one shot at upgrading your stuff. (this might actually be good for challenge purposes so take it how you will. If there are people not able to beat the boss then it might be a problem if they can't change anything. The bow with a ton of arrows was one of the right choice it seems.)

You need to deal 100 damage with the triple arrow move and make i think 78 arrows and a few potions if anyone is having trouble with the four hearts and the boss.

- I skipped over the dialog a couple times. Making J show all the text the first time you press it and wait 0.2 - 0.5 seconds after everything shows before allowing the player to exit would be ideal for me.

I noticed a couple of people had some questions about the plot? Simply put: There once was a Dark Lord who felled every hero that came his way. In a desperate attempt to save themselves, the village people offered Luna as a sacrifice. The Dark Lord fell in love with her and asked for her hand in marriage. She refused and the Lord began making threats against the village (The deadly kind.). Suddenly a man named Lods appears (I presume he knows Luna personally.) and he and the Dark Lord clashed. Both were injured. Luna made to run towards Lods but the Lord intervened and put a piece of himself in her heart to make her love him. Luna's heart then shattered into 5 pieces (for reasons I can't recall.) and Lods, thinking quickly, grabbed one of the pieces and ran. After an indeterminate amount of distance (a lot a imagine.) the heart piece that Lods had taken form, namely the form of how Luna saw Lods (You are this Lods not the actual Lods. Why she saw him as an anthropomorphic mouse I'm unsure. Maybe it's something to do with his personality.). Lods set this heart piece free (because that's the responsible thing to do?). Darkness then sets over the land (no definition given.). You (the heart piece in not quite Lods form.) have returned for reasons that aren't entirely clear (either saving Luna or returning "home"). Thus the story begins.

Also I did a Shield and Sword run with plate armor (once I got it.) as I had played the earlier version doing this as well. If you thought your runs we're repetitive if you could only have seen me. The last 5 fights were literally tests of willpower from both the in-game perspective and the out-of-game perspective. Still a great game though. Nice graphics, good gameplay, cool story. You've done well.

Really fun game and perfect balance in terms of difficulty (bow is kinda op tho at the end 3 shot most bosses)
Wish it was longer in terms of what happens after the main story and also more exploration of the past.
Liked the pixel graphics however i wish the map was more detailed.

I loved the feel of this game. It felt like undertale or some other game

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2018
6:46 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG