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A shard of mine

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Who is Luna? Where is she? Why is this all your fault? Venture into a cursed land and find more about this mystery!

Arrow Keys now work for walk and Menu navigation

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

Original version https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708842


This Amazing World
by Dolphin-Mind

Drafty Places, Dreamy Game, Into Battle
by Eric Matyas

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Bow is way too op

Very beautiful.Fair hint the bow is better than you think it is.

Wow... Just wow... i had a hard time getting started, but then i understood the mecanic and i couldn't stop playing! Really loved this game: good art-style, amazing musics, really cool story... it even made me emotional at the end. It all makes sense in the end!!

Got sucked into game. Didn't realize how long I've played. Pretty entertaining, this is the kind of game I would definitely go for.

I find it kind of funny to venture about and smite down people who appear to be in terrible conditions. Though, I can't help but to want to help them, it seems cruel but putting them out of their misery seems a reasonable thing.

Upate: It was tough and it took me a long while to finally beat the game. I gotta say, the final boss was truly scary. My mind is scarred a bit of the image of his face. There's a chance that I would get nightmares. Overall, I love it!

This story was simple and strong, well done. Game is really fun, but yes the route of magic is a bit too easy and I didn't feel the armor added any bonuses other than defense, maybe a glitch? So the Plate armor was just smarter. I'll try it again to see if playing the route of a different stat/weapon combo makes winning possible. Would like enemies to be more versatile, like causing poison, or using some skill like, "destroy defense", just to make the combat more fun. But the game is really solid, was exactly what I was looking for, and again, very nice, simple and strong tale.