A shard of mine

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Who is Luna? Where is she? Why is this all your fault? Venture into a cursed land and find more about this mystery!

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

Original version https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708842


This Amazing World
by Dolphin-Mind

Drafty Places, Dreamy Game, Into Battle
by Eric Matyas


Amazing Game! Controls are great, I love the characters, and I'm glad you have the option to help people. Side quests! I especially loved the final boss. Also, for future gamers; The bow is the best weapon, you get it from the little girl. The Wood armor is the best as well.

Great game, minus some technical issues.
- After equipping the dagger, I rightfully had poison disabled because I had none in my inventory. However, when I switched to sword, the "Heal x1" action was disabled.
- After collecting all 11 fragments of memory, I cannot read them; they are readable before I collect all 11, though.
- When going into Luna's heart, the final boss battle should not be available before defeating all 4 heart fragment bosses, but the final boss does appear even if you do not deal with all 4 heart fragments.

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I loved this old school rpg, loved the music and concepts... 5/5 and 4 stars because:
Too bad that in the menu, you can't read the shard again pressing K... it just doesn't work, a little error.

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Awesome, man

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This is one of my favorite games, if not my favorite, on newgrounds. I loved helping everyone in the game and uncovering the story, bit by bit. I loved the exploration and traversal, and always felt great everytime I discovered someplace new or a new enemy. One thing I didn't like was the combat. Perhaps this is just the fact that it's turn based, but in my experience, enemies become impossible or pushovers depending on how many health potions and arrows you have. For example, I just spammed the 3-arrow attack on the last boss, and beating him became the easiest thing in the game. That makes progression in this game feel kind of pointless. Please try to balance this system a little more. With a more in-depth narrative, a larger world, maybe better art, and an improved combat system, this is a game I would undoubtedly spend money on. So by all means, keep doing whatever you're doing.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2018
6:46 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG