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Who is Luna? Where is she? Why is this all your fault? Venture into a cursed land and find more about this mystery!

Version 1.1

Load Option added to the main menu
(the save only works on the machine you save it, so be aware!)

Arrow Keys now work for walk and Menu navigation

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

Original version https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/708842


This Amazing World
by Dolphin-Mind

Drafty Places, Dreamy Game, Into Battle
by Eric Matyas


Good game d(.3.d). Just wondering though what is the ending credits song called and source?

This Game is awesome! The story was deep and I really loved how you changed up the plot twist from Luna's Heart, I did not see it coming. You could use a better save system though. If you ever consider making a larger version of it for steam, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I believe this game is awesome but the soundtrack needs some diversity.And the save Idea sucks ass but you can improve i know it ( ; but seriously those checkpoints from monsters caused the whole game to basically restart .V. !

I really love the games idea but there are problems that sorta ruined the game but also i loved most of the mechanics

Great game

The game has enough potential to have caught my attention long enough to play it through to the end, but it's seriously lacking in just about everything.
1-The music is annoying. There is only one track for the background music, which plays continuously on a loop and gets repetitive and annoying fast.
2-The overworld is pretty drab. Navigating through it sometimes poses a challenge as well. There are skinny little paths that appear like you can walk through, but instead prevent your passage
3-The map is completely useless. It is tiny and very difficult to read. It seems to mark more the colors of the overworld instead of viable paths. It is also so tiny, and your enlarged blinking icon character obscures a lot of the details surrounding them, making it that much more difficult to navigate.
4-Can't pick up everything. On occasion you find objects, but can't put them in your inventory as your character "Has no need to take this right now", which I find completely absurd. By the time I finally find where the heck I need to take that object, I'm forced to backtrack through the confusing overworld layout and try to remember where it was to begin with.
5-What battle strategy? I started spreading my points evenly thinking they all connected to a grander scheme of thing, but realized quickly it's best to dump them all in one or two. Same goes with upgrades. You don't eventually max everything out, you just pick one and stick with it, which is also kinda stupid seeing as you get some of the weapons much later, and behind much stronger enemies. Dagger holds potential when it comes to poison/bleed, but there is no heal or defense up, so unless you have that thing maxed, you'll find yourself out of potions in a heartbeat. This leaves a person to favoritism with the staff.
6-You can't switch weapons in the middle of battle.
7-You only need one weapon. There are no specific enemies or obstacles that require a specific weapon. What is the point of having such a wide arsenal that you can level up if you really only need one or two?
8-Materials are limited. This only stacks with 6 and 7 mentioned above. A player can easily handicap themselves by spending all materials equally on all the items, or dumping them on one they'll later find useless.
9-Lack of variety. From the same background music, to the battle sequences and sound effects, it's all very limited. You can equip various weapons and armor, but only the weapons really show up on your character during, and only during the battle scene. It would be a nice change to see the brown cloak change to the blue robe, or the tan light armor as you're walking around the overworld. Maybe add some battle sequence animation between the different attacks that are being used?
10-Easy gameplay. Seriously all you have to do is button mash the attack, maybe heal up a little during battles. You get injured, but those injuries only last IN the battle. This nice, as it allows a person to continue to the next fight without having to waste the already limited resources, but at the same time takes away the challenge of it. There is no strategy, as mentioned in 5. All you have to do is make sure you still have some amount of health and the opponent does not.
11-Repeating end dialogue. You have to press J to advance the text when you talk to anything in this game, but when you are about to enter a fight scene, the text right before the fight begins is repeated, which is kind of annoying. I read this "I'm sorry!", and I have to press J to start the fight sequence, to which the "I'm sorry!" repeats itself as the screen transitions. It does this WITH EVERYTHING you fight.
12-The hearts are RIGHT THERE. Seriously, you leave the ENTIRE overworld map accessable when you enter the girl's heart, but there is NOTHING to see. Everything you need is surrounding the woman, again making things WAY too easy.

All that being said, as mentioned at the start the game holds potential, and I feel the story could be expanded on. The underlying idea is great, however I feel the way it was presented really takes away from the full potential this game could have.

xinelu responds:

Thx for your review, honestly! I agree with most of the points made by you and others and will correct all this ( I swear backtracking sounds a good idea)

That said, this game is done but all the ideas and feedback will be used to make the sequel.

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4.13 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2018
6:46 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG