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IMPORTANT: THERE IS A NEW VERSION AVAILABLE ON PATREON FOR PATRONS. From now on, there will always be one version difference between public and patreon release.

You can download the game here : https://mega.nz/#!oPpXhAxA!UtQKYlN4pa6I6REo36uX6Y6ZQtCFlT--3cXRnVC1tVo

The game is now translatable! Check this post for more informations : https://www.patreon.com/posts/mozzoloh-list-18574556 It doesn't work with this online version though, but it will in the next public version!

This game is a RPG with an original battle system. As a rescuer, your job is to save people in the monster dimension. Then they'll live with you in your mansion. Changelog of this version :
- New girl : Molly the breeder
- Possibility to breed, raise monsters and bring them in battle
- New mini-dungeon : Sea sanctuary
- New bonus dungeon : Legendary dungeon (too hard for now)
- Hero dungeon extended
- Lily's new scene
- Superfoods
- New cheat code to unlock a powerful ring
- Typing any $10+ cheat code will add a button to max the relation with a monster
- New option to hide scenes where the hero is not evolved
- Amelia's stock depend on player's level
- Effects from food continue after changing dungeon
- Fix spider girl bestiary location bug.

FAQ of the game : http://pokkaloh.tumblr.com/faq
If you want to read news and have access to future releases earlier (the next version is already out on patreon), please support us on patreon : https://www.patreon.com/pokkaloh


Really enjoyed this game, even though at times it was a little bit of a repetitive grind. The battle mechanics are especially impressive! What a super clever way to blend strategy and chance. Artwork was great too. Overall a VERY playable and enjoyable game.

One minor grudge was the randomness of Amelia's stock. Maybe Amelia could offer a mail-order catalog (or a series of catalogs based on level) where you can order whatever you actually want, perhaps with variable wait times for delivery. Just an idea.

I enjoyed the games battle mechanics and playing the dungeon crawler with a hint of dating sim made it work great. just a question though? how do i get access to capture for beyond slime realms? Implying that's possible atm.

pokkaloh responds:

Thanks. Other location are unlocked as new version comes out:)

Salvaging animations and sprites from pkkaloh i see (your other game)... :p

Been a fan since mozzoloh early on, a couple grievances though even at this point. importance of equipment stats/price, not a major one, but even killing gnome and looting it's chest for 2 grand barely puts a dent into the price of a decent equipment over level 8. Also spider forest, main annoyance is the web spam that can happen, maybe give fire ring a lowish cost of tiles to burn away webs, because it gets rather ridiculous against spider girl spamming webs making melee attack pointless and being unable to remove groups of them as opposed to any kind of tile. Also, by the time you get around to saving breeder quest, after clearing out all previous parts of rocky beach, it's near impossible to have health/ damaging enough equipment to manage to clear both the 3 guards and triton and his guard due to lack of equipment cost growth vs what stuff you can farm in spider forest.
Anyways love that lily finally gave up her virginity to player, would like a different kind of scene for the lanxia or maybe the Amelia.

I'm level 11 but am not able to access the Hero's Dungeon, saying I need to be level 10. Anyone else have this issue

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2018
3:41 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating