Umichan Sentoryu

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Please give this game time to load when transitioning to new areas of the game!
The downloaded versions run a lot faster~
You are a savvy business shark! Help Holly set up her maid cafe by finding sexy girls! Make sure to "interview" them to make sure they are capable at servicing customers! For Umichan returning fans, meet the cast again! Inaugurate the café as seen in Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc!

This game and it's animations are intended to be fun and comical, as opposed to trying to make something super realistic and super professional. Just have fun with it!

I decided to create 3 bonus h-scenes this month that will be available to patrons.
Since I make different kinds of games, I'm debating whether or not I should add more to this game or shift focus into other games.
What do YOU want?
With your support I don't mind adding even more stuff like totally new locations and more characters!
Please support the patreon so we can hire people to expand and multitask!
The patreon build of this game has the gallery fully unlocked and will get bonus h-scenes!
DOWNLOADS offline:
windows v0.7.4a

mac v0.7.4a

Android .APK v0.7.4a

animation gallery will overlap the screen when selecting new game after viewing an animation replay.
saving during gallery replays may negatively affect gameplay progression.


ttrop does the character art! check him out here:

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I upload work in progress stuff on my website

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I can't get the scenein the bottom mid am i missing something??

The basic engine of the game is not explained, which basically means all the slow transitions make the game effectively unplayable. The "gameplay" in the early game is wandering around without purpose. Things which would make this more tolerable is the time system being more explicit, a calendar showing when certain events can be accomplished, a quest log/to-do list and/or the character literally saying what he should do next to the player.

I award one star for having standalone builds for most systems and the victory conditions explicitly listed in the walkthrough.

Vortex00 responds:

thanks for the feedback I'll plan to add something that can help players that might get lost for whatever reason. I will say that the characters in the game say where you need to go next. However if you skip or click through the dialogue fast you might miss it.

events can be accomplished in any order. once you get to free roam.

a to-do screen appears when you get objectives. early in the game the main character actually doesn't really have a defined he is working towards.

It's pretty disappointing that choosing not to help douchebag David beat up on a kid makes you miss out on 3 sex scenes, including the main one that the main char is going for.

Vortex00 responds:

yep choices.

Loved this game! I've always enjoyed your game since 2009 and never disappointing!

Vortex00 responds:

Many thanks~!

Love this game. Would love to see more like it.

Vortex00 responds:

Glad you like it. I'll have a version with updated content and smooth animations later this month.