Skater's Surprise!

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This is my longest cartoon yet, and I still managed to get it under 500K, so I hope you all appreciate it!



that was extremely predictable. but some people may be suprised, and i saw no stick figures so i'll encourage it to stay.

animation was extemely shifty which doesnt help it by the way. you ought to work on that.

glish responds:

It's supposed to be predictable on a certain level. But if you knew it was going to be an old man, you're a lot more perceptive than the norm!


this was a bit predictable, but well made. eh nothing special

Not what I thought it was.

I don't mean the joke, cause that was predictable. I meant the title "Skater's Surprise" - I thought it was gonna be another one of those stupid stick-skater movies. I'm kinda disappointed it wasn't, cause now I can't vote 0.

I knew the ending as soon as it started

That was the most predictible peice of garbage that I've seen in while. It would be funny if that joke was new but its not, its older than the pope and it sucks ass. (Also like the pope.)

here goes

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its cool!

glish responds:

Thanx for the nice high score :0

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3.97 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2002
5:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original