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But Nobody Came 5 Points

Got stood up. FeelsBadMan.

Cat Fish 5 Points

You got fished by a cat!

Dinominance 5 Points

Slapped a dinosaur.

First Time 5 Points

Went on your first date.

Monkey Business 5 Points

Chimp stole your money!

Senpai 5 Points

Met your stalker.

Wrath of the Witch 5 Points

Made a witch angry!

XXXXX Files 5 Points

Taught an alien to love.

Dating Deity 10 Points

Been on 100 dates.

One Paanch 10 Points

Finished a date with one move.

Sensei 10 Points

Learned all the dating moves.

Standards 25 Points

Swiped left 1000 times.

Thirsty 25 Points

Swiped right 1000 times.

Perpetual Motion 50 Points

Had 1000 successful dates!

Soul Fish 50 Points

Successfully dated your first soul fish!

Soul Whale 100 Points

In the arms of your Soul Whale.

Author Comments

Note: I released this game a while back, this is a re-release which fixes a lot of the pacing problems.
Swipe through thousands of beautifully generated people and find your Soul Fish in the sea!
Play DATE FIGHT on the go with Android from Google Play!
This is a game I made after messing about on dating apps for a summer vacation.


Really nice game, congratulations.

BigBossErndog responds:

Thank you!

AsSuMe YoUr GeNdEr

Like @MeGa-wise said, do *not* simply delete a game and re-upload for each new version of the game you make. Instead, upload new versions in place of the old, leaving the medals intact, and simply connect up the medals with the new version, so that way people who earned them in older versions retain those medals they'd earned and the remaining medals can still be earned provided you did it right.

You're just going to get anger and resentment as you see if you do otherwise. He was kind enough to tell you this. Most people wouldn't tell you but would just zero-bomb without letting you know why. There's no really undoing what you just did but don't do it again in the future.

If you really have to, it's better to leave old versions as they are and just upload new versions as new games (but without deleting the old) if you're unsure how to replace with the new version without deleting all the medals people worked hard on. But it can be done as many people have uploaded newer versions in place of the old, leaving the medals alone but simply hooking them into the newer version, in a great many games on Newgrounds, which is the correct way to do it.

But again if you can't figure that out, just treat them as "new" games, leaving the old alone and not deleting them. Since you're putting the version number in the game title, this should be easy and should "just work".

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BigBossErndog responds:

Yeah, this is my first game and I didn’t know it would also delete people’s medals when I delete the game, sorry about that. Will keep that in mind in the future.

Game is decent. Can't seem to figure out how to unlock new moves though. Help?

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BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks! You can edit your moves by scrolling down in your profile! :)

if it was speeded up a little and you gained pics of girls you been on dates with then that would make it alot better and the defence up or atk up or down moved really slowly for me too

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BigBossErndog responds:

Thanks for the review :) I'll take your feedback into consideration if I ever update the game :D

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2018
1:12 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 4th Place June 4, 2018