Fuck the Earth

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this game sucks!!!

Bwahahahah did you just imply earth-chan is trash-tier waifu?

I like it, nothing top shelf, but it's weird this isn't on WETPUSSYGAMES first with them being the sponsor. this isn't even on there yet.

ok, so the game didn't loaded? werll that's good and all i enjoy the game very much so and i wish to see more of you in the future? yeah i like it a bunch, hey did you ever play ed ed edd edd eddy?
ywellal yeah


hmm is this a global warming fetish cause i can think of more nastyer stuff to imply...
you know stuff with chains,chairs, baseball bats, drowning a kitten in her lake (if you catch my drift?) maybe stuff with suroundings. or am i getting the story wrong?

Snake-Studios responds:

Sheesh man, wtf

Alright, proper response:

Hey, Steven (DaoSoul) from Snake-Studios here, this may be an interesting approach to things and we will be considering it, but as of now we are just trying out a little memey approach to games (or the reverse?) so this more hardcore stuff may not fit there.

Less proper PS:

Earth snuff would be kinda masochist there, right? Definitely an interesting new genre, but still... just geez on the kittens