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Futanari Sorority (Official Trailer)

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Futranari Sorority is coming soon! (About the end of june)

This visual novel present:



-7 AMBIENCES (Cliccable area)



This Visual Novel will be in English language.
Italian language, on request.

If u want see more visit my patreon:


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Looks very promising!

I like it. If you don’t like it, don’t just make comments, at least I think the game is very good.

The spelling is almost as atrocious as the art. This needs a serious overhaul.

(It's "Mystery" btw. Not "Mistery" :P)
And can start with: I honestly have to deadpan a bit at the reaction some people gave just because it's futa on male... like, seriously. It's the same like with other gay content on this site: If you're not into it, stop voting on it...

The vast majority of futa are dudes anyhow, just get over it people!
Anyhow: The art style seems very "classic porn game". And it's done pretty well. All the guys in it looks like one would expect from a hentai game :P Dudes with oversized dicks waving them about xP See you went a bit below hyper. Which, imo: Is a nice touch.

Way too many guys in porn atm imo that have hyper dicks. Starting to get a bit stale.
Either case, cast of characters seems like the usual archetypes. So, so far, it has a good premise of being yet another porn game. That it's futa on male should be enough to make it sell. As most of them are just futa on female, followed by the guys shrieking about how it's "no homo!" because of that futa's have tits xP (Just calling something a girl doesn't magically make it one ;P)

But yeah, overall, seems like a planned out cookie cutter porn game with all the expected tropes and archetypes. at least based off the trailer. So, if you manage to deliver on all of those, this should easily be an average success. It's doing very well in being passable.
In case there was more to this, then I must have missed it. But yeah, it seems very focused on it's target audience.

I would play it if it had a small teen futa in it but if i would not continue i love the comic style animation tho ! I think this is gonna turn out real great even if it wont fancy me