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Use W,A,S,D to move. Shoot using mouse. Key 1 is pistol and key 2 is machine gun. Green zombies are normal, blue are fast, orange are strong, big are super strong. When you die press the green flag top corner. In hardcore mode press 3 to get bow.

Update changelog

What's new in 1.4 testbuild 2?

Ammos. Now you need to reload your gun.

What's new in 1.4 testbuild 1



What's new in 1.3.5?

Events removed.


What's new in 1.3?

Events! Battle with special enemies in these different events.
New "Cyborg invasion"-event.
New eventboss "Cyborg bomber.
New gamemode. Cheatmode.
New zombie.
New menuscreen.
Bug fixes.


What's new in 1.2

New boss. Arcturus mark 2!
New classic mode.
New soundtrack.
New weapon


What's new in 1.1?

New boss. "The Trappist"
New weapon display.
New weapon. The landmine.
New boss spawn messages.

What's new in 1.0.4

Major bug fixes.
I'm planning of releasing 1.1 beta soon.


What's new in 1.0.1?

Major bug fixes.
New menuscreen


What's new in 1.0?

New boss The Arcturus.
Death screen.

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Hey nice game!

I would suggest to keep working on the graphics. Also it got A LOT MORE difficult when the boss spawned and other than that got a bit boring because all other enemies were easy. Also the bullets of the boss were reaally fast. Try re-balancing it :)

WASD doesn't work but still somewhat playable as a static tower defense game

Magicalpony444 responds:

Well WASD works on all devices,if you use full screen on Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft edge it doesn't work. You should use Google Chrome for the best result.

The game is fun.

The enemies are boring and almost everyone is the same thing but with more/less HP: Zombie going after you, big zombie going after you, orange zombie going after you, sword guy going after you. (The giant robot is fun)

Its hard to understand the upgrades, why not Swat is inside the shop? Why there's a giant lase robot inside the shop (I got killed by the boss due the surprise, i was expecting some overpowered upgrade)? This "danger" sign is another boss?

And the machine gun/red upgrade are making the enemies faster, this is a bug?

Magicalpony444 responds:

Well the SWAT was originally a weekly offer, but i never released new weekly offers. And the danger sign is not a boss it's a special armor with 50 hp. And machine gun is not making the enemies faster, just bullets are going faster. And i'm working on more bosses, minibosses and invasions. Ps. I understand why you got killed by the robot. It has 2500 hp on the cannons and 3500 hp on the head,but it's worth it, because after you kill it you get special weapon with 25% chance to lifesteal.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

May 28, 2018
10:59 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional