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Nani-Talks: Black Privilege

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**Disclaimer** This video was made in 2016. I know this doesn't count as an "animation". Some opinions expressed in this video may be too controversial for certain listeners. Viewer discretion is advised.

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I've always felt like all the special programs designed to help minorities are kinda counterintuitive, it just kinda makes people like "Oh you poor thing, you can't succeed on your own because of your race, i'm so sorry for you" rather than just having it be the same pool of scholarships and bursaries available to everyone. Like isn't the end goal just to treat everyone equally anyway? be judged on your own merits? idk man, the world we live in is a weird one. I enjoyed your video though.

Didn't expect the twist on white guilt here! You don't hear that brought up too often, and especially not by a black person... err colored... African American? XD Only in America, though!

This equality thing's so weird. Soon as privilege starts tipping one way it seems like starts tipping over somehow. Race, sexuality, gender - all seems to be going the same way, if only in first-world countries. Too much privilege: over-privileged problems, even if segregation does still exist, and will ironically probable keep doing so because of the prejudice that unmerited privileges sometimes spawns, or maybe it's just old habits die hard...

If only we could all live in peace, without all these strange stereotypes and victimization. Solid talk. Missing some lip-sync, but otherwise good stuff.


I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm/satire or not, its really hard to tell esp cuz of the tone. It's sorta there but I'm not convinced, but it seems set up that way.

Anyways, it's sad that today's culture rewards victimhood that doesn't exist so I'm hoping your videos can be a little more transparent as satire/sarcasm is something I'm not culturally am accustomed to.

Is she a Drow? I think she's a Drow.

But really, this thing is edging on... let's say ridiculous. Of course, you might have been trying to be funny. In which case, this humor is simply not my cup of tea.

Hi Lisa..... I Just subbed to your Youtube Channel

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May 25, 2018
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