Kindred Saga Fan Trailer

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This is a Fan Trailer for the RPGMAKER2000 game, "Kindred SaGa" by Qheretic, released in 2001.

I wanted to make this trailer, similar to the ones you see on WII/Wii U virtual console trailers for games like Super Castlevania 4/Mega Man X2/Castlevania 3/Mega Man X - I'm having trouble with the editing though...So I decided to upload a draft here.

I tried very hard to make a very old and very short, rpgmaker game released in 2001 look interesting here.

Let me know what you guys think!!
More Info:

Kindred Saga is a cancelled RPGMAKER2000 released in 2001 by Qheretic. It was renowned on the web, at the time, for it's custom "side-battle-view system" made in RPGMAKER2000, released 1 year before Enterbrain would release rpgmaker2003, making "side-battle-views", the default battle system.

Kindred Saga combines:
-The Character Combination Techs of Chrono Trigger
(Abilities change depending on whose in your party)

-The Character Field Abilities of the Breath of Fire series.
(Jump across Platforms/Push and Pull Crates)

-The dark and dreary setting of Final Fantasy 7's midgar
(you live in the slums of a metropolitan city, planning heists, to steal from the rich)

- And a story that's loosely inspired by Fei's journey in Xenogears.
(You're haunted by a recurring dream of a Dark Magician who threatens to consume your soul)

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Oh. My. God.
Th-This is AMAZING! THAT EDITING THO! D A T E D I T I N G ( 0 o 0 )