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Azurael's Circle: Chapter 1

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Azurael's Circle Series on Steam!

The police ruled that the suicide of Helen Lancaster, where she gutted herself with a kitchen knife, was due to the grief of losing her husband. Her son, Clint Lancaster, doesn't believe a woman as deeply religious as her mother would do such a thing. Clint takes it upon himself to visit his family farm and see if he can piece together the truth. What could have caused his mother to do such a thing? Was it even her? If not, what's waiting for him at Lancaster Farm?

Azurael's Circle is a horror-mystery adventure game. Navigate the house and find clues as to what happened to Helen Lancaster. Piece together items you find in your inventory to get into locked areas of the house and find other useful tools that can help you uncover the mystery.

This is the first act in a planned series of stories following the events surrounding Azurael.

- Z is Interact
- X is Open Menu/Back
- Arrow Keys is Movement

There is a mouse control option, however, due to the engine the interactive objects will be located on the closest wall boundary.

The game should run completely fine on Chrome and Firefox. You may experience audio issues with Edge and from my own testing, Internet Explorer and Brave aren't compatible. My recommendation would be to play the free downloadable version on Itch.io. Another good thing about that version is that you should experience minimal loading.


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Good game, I felt the Last Door inspiration and enjoyed the fact that one could just leave, even if I only found it because I couldn't find the axe handle the first playthrough due to my screen brightness.

Clearly the right ending here is just straight up leaving the house. I'd rather keep my sanity and healthy body thank you very much. Sorry Mr Stuffigan.

TheEnkian responds:

Always smart to run when there's demons about. No sense delving deeper, haha.

Wife: He told me that I reminded him of 1 cor 15 3-4
Dad: sets compliment on weapon safe

very good.

TheEnkian responds:


big question: is this series only a group of demos or is it the full complete series of games? just a question I had after reading the comments and yes indeed it is a good game!!

TheEnkian responds:

Demos on Newgrounds and full games available on itch.io and on Steam. Chapter 5 isn’t available on Steam just yet, but the others are currently all on sale for Christmas. Hope that helps :)