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Hey all. NSFW.

There's a video on craigslist of a man looking for... friends. It's been featured on http://www.yourmomshousepodcast.com/ with comedians Tom Segura and Christina P. I took the audio from it and re-edited it as an infomercial.

Eh, link of the original video at the bottom of this I guess.



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So visiting the portal is like going to a big casino there are somany slot machines and tables, somany shiny and interesting sounds, And so when I find something like this in the portal it puts a smile on my face because its like I am back in the casino once again. This was entertaining the "VOICE" work was pretty good, I wouldnt mind some subtitles and maybe make this one a bit longer.

I wouldnt mind some subtitles and maybe make this one a bit longer


Sooo this is a real thing, it looks like? Unexpected listings lying around hmm. Entertaining animation though!


Good job jeans!

Definitely gets that client infomercial editing and good audio choice and mixing and animation. Nothing to complain about.

it was fun lol