Forest Floor

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A dungeon-crawling game set in a twisting forest. Gather supplies as you explore the forest, returning home before you run out of time! Takes inspiration from modern roguelikes, using randomly generated levels once the player progresses far enough in the game.

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
Space: Attack/Interact

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Played it to the end, got to max everything, visit every single place. Well:
- Needs music, badly. It would improve gameplay a lot.
- Upgrades are nice add-on, still, i dont see much improvement when u max them, in fact, i see maybe a bit. Enemies still need 2 hits.
- Not exactly random-generated enough, i would say. Needs more variety of rooms/levels.
- Medals would be nice. Like, when u get all items in game, max all stats, pass the game, finish without restarts.
- Optional: Boss. I was expecting one at the end of level 14, maybe halfway. Still, with other stuff mentioned, even without boss, would be great.

So, overall 3/5 from me.

Don`t you love a stats building, while you upgrade to the maximum, and still need two hits since the start to kill one monster? Don`t you love when the author says: randomly generated levels, and the next level is the same shit, and the items stay on the same places? Don`t you love playing without any music or effects? God.

The game is alright i'd say, it has decent a difficulty and good upgrade choices. the only things this game is lacking is (SFX) and music to give the game an better and enjoyable experience. One more thing, it would of be cool if you could one shot the mobs when you upgrade the damage is max.

It's a good concept, but it's bare-bones and artificially difficult. There's no way to know amounts needed for upgrades, only which types are missing. It's weird to have a quota of materials you can't use without explanation. I'd assume survival, but it increases by much more than any one person needs to sleep for a night. First it's easy to make it through a day, but it quickly becomes annoying to defeat enemies because of the use of tiles. Enemies can attack and move diagonally, but I can't. It becomes a gimmick of artificial difficulty where I have to get hit in order to get close enough AND be in a direction I can attack from. That's not an actual challenge in any way, since some rooms have too many enemies to simply dodge. It's RNG after a while, honestly.

No music
Tedious level design
Great concept

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3.71 / 5.00

May 21, 2018
6:20 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG