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Samurai VS Dinosaur

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Once upon a time a Samurai was wondering the hills above his village, when he was suddenly attacked by a... DINOSAUR!!!

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Wow nice

That was really a "SHORT" animation but the visuals were pretty intense the music was pretty good too, you really pushed the limits on this but does need to be longer more scenes maybe even some story to it would be a good idea, anyways really nice work here.

does need to be longer more scenes maybe even some story to it would be a good idea


People used to put Tom Fulp in the special thanks

Also this was stylish and unique, but short and kind of cheap, it also had no story, so it be what it be

bwilk89 responds:

Truth, exposition to get something up before I burn out lol

A Samurai versus a Dinosaur was only talked about before, now we have a video to see what exactly would happen. The Samurai won this time, but there should be a rematch. The animation was nice, and some good action. Making it longer would be an improvement.

bwilk89 responds:

Thanks Doctor Strongbad! :D I started to run out of steam so I posted it before the crash and burn lol xP I'm worried if I hang on to it for too long it'll never get posted and I'll just keep trying to improve it and then give up on it

I have PTSD now, thank you. My lawyer will be in touch shortly.

bwilk89 responds:

sowwy ;(

Looks like that samurai might not be just any samurai... but of course, a samurai wins! :D A short and decisive fight - as is the samurai way. Interesting style too. With the limbs flailing around like that it almost looks like a puppet show.


bwilk89 responds:

lol yes indeed I guess that's the style I've developed so far xP

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2.82 / 5.00

May 20, 2018
4:10 AM EDT