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That's Regular - 2015

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A regular day in college. It's been a while guys, since I've posted. Enjoy.

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Everybody has had a dream about being late to class, so it is easy to understand. Why was the tree so mad and where did the turkeys get guns? Animation could of flowed better, but not a bad movie.

Hobozarus responds:

Trees and turkeys are hooligans at that place. Thank you for your feedback, I will come back to this piece in the future and make it shmexier.

LOL such a strange dream

Hobozarus responds:

Haha, I tried.

A while in I started thinking it might be a dream. :) Randomness coupled with alarm... should've reacted earlier! Ends with a nice twist though. Only thing that seems a bit weird are the joints, all round like that, like he may not be entirely human... and yeah, it's been a while! :D Welcome back! Definitely moving a few steps up from the stickfigure action (though that was fun too).


Hobozarus responds:

Thank you for the feedback. You already know the very beginning underline sketches used to be stick figures haha. Next time, I will clean up my drawings more. I honestly was probably rushing to get the deadline. It was a final for my sophomore year. lol

I really like the set up, and the story telling is great. One thing I would pay attention too is that in some segments you did not remove some of the sketching you used when you drew your main character. Over all, you did a good job! Just don't rush things going forward and you will become a great animator. Good luck dude!

Hobozarus responds:

Thank you so much man. I will definitely take your feedback because I do stress deadlines and end up rushing on animations. Stay tuned though, this is only 2015. I got mo to show.

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May 19, 2018
12:53 PM EDT