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The Hero's Tavern

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Thanks for the frontpage! This film does have a bit of special place for me personally.

Very much appreciated about the feedback, and I'm glad everyone is enjoying it so far! Definitely a push for more content coming soon!

The Hero's Tavern is where you'd want to go for a heavy drink and a noble quest, but happens when a new person decides to join in?

This is my 4th Year Film in New York's SVA. I'm glad to have something up for the folks here in Newgrounds to enjoy!

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So they were premiering everything during the bar just to be heroes??

If these people are "heroes," why are they practising such cruelty?
I don't like the message of your cartoon at all, but I do enjoy the animation and characters.

you's animation looks very great and i love design of charackter

nice move kid lol nice love it why not make it into a webtoon

This is epic
*two thumbs up*