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Dog Duty - intro

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Hi there!
This video serves two purposes:
-It's my first animation sent to newgrounds that I recall
-I'm using Swivel a lot, and god, Swivel is proof that Adobe should handle Flash to Newgrounds at once.
Ah, third purpose, of course:
-this is for our upcoming game, Dog Duty.

More news soon!

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Wow this was awsome

Wow I have to say that this was pretty awsome the "MUSIC" alone was pretty jamming and the video game like visuals was pretty nifty aswell, you really had this one rolling like a music video and thats what I liked about it. maybe adding some fancy effects here or there would be a huge plus on this, but anyways really nice film here.

maybe adding some fancy effects here or there would be a huge plus on this


I don't think there's anything left to improve, internally - all that's left is to stick the landing on the transition to the title screen (if this is meant to play before that) or game logo (if it's meant to play after starting a new game).

Reminds me of the intro to 8-Bit Killer for some reason. :) Totally different theme, and a different style too, but I'm equally allured by it - and they do share the pixels. Love the atmospheric coloring, with the red, army green, all simple but efficient transitions between the frames too. Nice work!


Love the retro feel from the pixel art to the Octopus Everything theme of the villain. Great job!

I liked it should be a great game!