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Soul Sword

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Update 5/21/18: Fixed a bug where you can dash while in store.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 41 in 72 hours- Theme: Theme: Combine 2 incompatible Genres. This is the Post-Jam version with a few added upgrades and bug fixes.

Game was supposed to have a in-depth shop-keeper mechanic, but I had to scrap that due to time limitations, so it sort've turned into a hybrid idle-clicker game.

Instruction Tip: Go in the dungeon and at the end of each room you have 2 choices to “save” your loot, or continue forward with the risk of losing a lot. You can sell your kept loot to get yourself some souls and buy new swords! See if you can reach the final room!

Controls: Arrows - Move / S - Attack(hold/press) / Use mouse for the shop.

Game by Ryan Carag (Art, music/sfx, programming)

Programs used: Stencyl, beepbox, sfxr, Graphicsgale

Downloadable version(Windows) here: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/soul-sword


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This is so cool! its art is amazing, i love pixel graphics over any other. The music felt great to hear and moving around, hitting enemies felt awesome! It's like a pocket Moonlighter. I love the selling aspect of it. Dungeon crawler games are my favorite types of games. This is easily one of my favorite games on newgrounds! <3 <3

The gameplay is satisfying, the premise is simple, the music is amazing; I love it. But it could be longer. More items, weapons, tools, maybe even a kind of skill tree would make the game even better.

I really enjoy the game, epic in everything. As a rogue-like, dungeon crawler, and action RPG fan, I would like to suggest something. In some point, there could be a merchant, or a chance to improve your life to move on to the final room.

Really lovely looking game with a great system and premise, but wayyyyy too difficult and unfair. I'm not saying like a normal kind of difficulty, but the prices of upgrades are too high for how easily you die, you don't heal when you skedaddle, and you keep all your earnings in your pockets to lose. The 8 directional movement with the arrow keys don't exactly help with the "don't lose your money" part either, since it's too slow and slippery and controls the direction of your attacks AND the movement. If you look past the gameplay, however, it is atmospheric and lovely. I especially love how there is very little guidance on gameplay but it's comprehensive. Overall, the game is really hard to play at all but still got a lovely atmosphere.

Wow nice game

So this was a nice game here you have some really nice graphics with the sprites and pixels on this one, some added flashy effects might be nice and some added medals would be cool, The power of creativity is in all of us, and you have show-casedyour creativity here in this flash game, you have brought some smiles and joy inckuding lots of fun entertainment to the portal keep it up. I will elaborate later on some things to improve on but sofar its notbad.

some added flashy effects might be nice and some added medals would be cool