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A creature with a rather peculiar origin is found in a sea of medication, alcohol, and syringes. Looked over by despair and apathy, he finds the light that would guide him to sanctuary, but gets shattered in the process by a succubus whose only purpose is to torment the poor soul.

This film is a collaborative effort. Animated and directed by Vladimir Voinovski (Alvaldr) and Jay Foster.

Jay Foster's Vimeo

Jay Foster's website

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Drifting on the ocean, he sees a ray of hope... but she throws him away and he sinks down into his vices. The lighthouse was a hoax. A beacon of false guidance in a life of self-indulgence. Something... like that? I like the symbolism, and how it also seems like you can take it so many different ways. Great detail and ominous sound in the background too.


Probably my favourite of your work so far, so much symbolism, I feel like I could read into it for days... IMO it could be about the struggle of remaining sober in an inherently depressing age. As we travel through life, with the constant pull of substances surrounding us, all it takes is one mis-step (here a romantic interest gone south maybe?) to plunge us into that desperation and that abuse. The lighthouse, here a faint hope that we strive for, burns. Not by the hand of the demon, but by your own loss of hope... Anyways, that's my take, I really dig this video!

Alvaldr responds:

Although every piece of art can have a million connotations based on the audiences point of view, you completely unraveled all the symbolism that we used! The final being that we intended this to be a dreamscape, hence the pyjama hat of the character. Kudos man, I'm really glad you liked it! thank you very much for your input, it warmed my heart knowing that people enjoyed it! <3

Super trip !
Really nice animation !
Congrats. !

Alvaldr responds:

I'm more than glad you enjoyed it! It does read like a serene trip doesn't it? ^_^

Interesting. Ends kind of abruptly. The animation was good and the art surreal. The first shot doesn't really look like the second so the transition is kind of jarring. The succubus' art style doesn't really fit the art style of everything else, or, at least, it sticks out the most. The nudity might warrant an adult rating though. I'm aware it was short and for the purpose of telling a story, but still. Overall, a neat little bit of strangeness.

Alvaldr responds:

Lovely constructive criticism right there! It's an older animation, but I didn't wanna change it for the sake of preservation. Also, I don't know, I think mature is a good classification since the animation doesn't orbit around the notion of sex and intercourse - she's just nude. The succubus character was done and animated by Jay Foster tho, this was a college animation for which we tried to see if our styles would blend together. Some say they did, some say they didn't. Check out his stuff through the Vimeo link in the description if you wish! Cheers again!

Beautifully done, the dream-like scenery and the music helped set the tone. The contrasting art styles between the man and the succubus was a interesting choice but it just fits.

Loving the subtle themes around to drive home that this is one place you wouldn't want to be set "adrift" in. Great stuff!

Alvaldr responds:

I feel like I'm gonna blush! Thank you very much for the review! ^_^