Pixie Panic Garden

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Author Comments

There are many broken things in this build: user interface, sounds, language and others. This build of the game was made for UNITY WEBGL TESTING PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PROPER FULL VERSION OF THE GAME. By playing you acknowledge that this is a buggy test build only. That said, this web demo version is still playable from start to finish. If you prefer to play the proper demo version or the full game, please visit the links bellow for more information.

Pixie Panic Garden is a fun and challenging 2D action/puzzle game in the style of classic bomberman games. It also contains a variety of erotic 2D sprite animations and CG.

You play as Pixie and you must help her defend her garden from a monster invasion and discover who is behind it. But be careful, if she is defeated the enemies might want to do lewd things to her!

Z - Bomb/Confirm
X - Use Skill/Cancel
A - Zoom In/Out
S - Show/Hide Status
P - Pause Menu
Arrow Keys - Movement


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I just wanna see all the animations lul, the game is paced far too slow and the fact that stronger bombs do not penetrate bushes makes the game too tedious to play through. I probably won't continue unless there is a faster way to get through the game/ see all the animations.

Edit: was running one pure horniness when I made my initial review, i'll be back to beat this game properly when I feel like actually playing a game rather than trying to hunt down animations to fap to. The amount of effort that went to this game is clear, and it's actually a good game.

Great game!

In my opinion, this is more finished than many of the games who put a finished label on themselves.

My only complaint is that the Evil Sprout didn't have a secret scene, which I died a few times trying to get.

I can't get past the second floor.

The animations are very good, and the game is legit, though I had a problem understanding the different power-ups, and I don't believe the codes work in this version, which is a shame. On the plus side, these issues are fixed in the downloadable version.

Needs a WASD option

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

May 14, 2018
8:42 PM EDT
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