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Punal The Adventure

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A young female whale looks for his mom.

Also available on Google Play.

Ost available to download for free on www.gamedanteam.com.

Developed by :

noisechip - Script Writing, Game Design, Graphic Design, Music Production, Music Mastering & Programming

DatBoiBryan - Script Proofreading

IsoChi - Advertising Design

Special Thanks to Eggy, OareasO & Vizia.

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wow, I got to the mom on the 1st try. well, its a pleasant game ig. Could be expanded on

GameDanTeam responds:


Is a short game, mostly to make us get experience. There will be better and longer games made by us in future, please, stay tuned to our future updates.

Thanks for your review!

"A young female whale looks for his mom."


not a bad story based game all in all

GameDanTeam responds:

Thank you.

We are happy you liked the game.

Please check out our other games, thanks!


So this was actually notbad and kind of fun it was a nifty little game you have here I do think you could ad to this game with more improved graphics and even the story could be a little deeper now don't get me wrong this was a good game I like the depth of it but wish there was more so simple is good but even more depth would improve on this a lot nice effort for sure

As suggested more depth in story and deeper graphics


GameDanTeam responds:

Thank you for your comments.
You are right, graphics and story could be better, our new visual novels are better than this one.
We are improving step by step, we hope you'll like our future works.
Thank you.

It's nice but pretty small, the wrong choices result in an quick and simple ending rather than it being more subtle.

GameDanTeam responds:

Thank you for your review.
The script is pretty basic, it was a project done very fast, only four days.

We'll work to create better games in future.

Thank you.

There's no sound. The graphics are OK, but too repetitive. The game is way shorter than I expected and there's only one good ending. Effectively a stranger danger game, but it was immediately obvious what you were supposed to pick. Nothing really too interesting about it. I guess next time add more options, some sound and maybe more interesting graphics.

GameDanTeam responds:

Thank you for give your opinion.
-The sound bug is fixed, with WebGL you can listen the music.
-The game was done in 4 days by only one person so use the graphics to "repeat" scenes was a way to finish the game faster.
-We appreciate your comments about the script.

We are working in more games, also some of them are finished and need to be published, are available to play online in our web.

Thank you for your time writing this review, we hope that our future work will please you more than this game.