Escape Crazy Maze

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You woke up inside of a crazy maze! Now, you must figure out how to escape! Look around and see what you can find to help you.


The blue gem is not a puzzle, it is a pixel hunt. I hate those things.

The rest of it where puzzles that made plenty of sense. I like puzzles.

For people that are wondering. Go to the room way on the right. The one with the little stone table. The blue gem is somewhere in the wall behind the table.

Not a bad maze game but there are some parts where it is not obvious how things correlate (such as the chest and flowers in a pattern or clicking on a random brick reveals the blue gem). The music was really not that fitting for the game either.

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selfdefiant responds:


Pretty Hard, Good Gameplay, Horrible Looping Music

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selfdefiant responds:


I admit that it is quite difficult as a maze. It certainly lives up to that description. Here's how you do it at first. Go right and then down and then right. Click the stone thing. Make the red thing point to the middle of the left.

Make the blue thing go to the downer right corner. Make the green thing go to the upper right corner. Make the yellow thing go to the downer left corner and get the key. Get the blue gem on the stone block in the middle right hand part. It's so complicated I'm done here.

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These 'I-spy' games are just boring and don't hold up in any way. Sound quality? Bland. Visual quality? Bland. Engagement? Non-existent. This is just Achievement fodder at best and as it stands for what little Achievement trolls I know on this website, most of them couldn't and wouldn't slog through these for them.

Please take a step forward in your content, if you want this kind of game to stand the test of time you must move the concept forward with it.

selfdefiant responds:

Strange, that's why it got daily first? And by the way, I have several awesome games on here, your advice is not very good. You should do some research before coming off like you know something about escape games, really.

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3.48 / 5.00

May 11, 2018
10:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily Feature May 12, 2018