Full Metal Mom Part Deux

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100 Pwned! 25 Points

Destroy 100 Noobots

Mission Complete! 50 Points

Complete the game

Mother of Gun! 100 Points

Use gun only

Author Comments

Full Metal Mom Part Deux is the second game of the Full Metal Mom series. It is a shooting game where player assumes the role of a badass mom who tries to rescue her children from the Legion of Noobots. There are five stages in the game which progressively challenge player’s reflexes and reaction times.

Movement – A/D
Dodge-roll – S (while moving)
Throw Grenade – W
Shoot – Left-click

1. Rolling like crazy may save your life.
2. Some projectiles cannot be avoided by rolling, though.
3. Understanding enemies' patterns is the key of survival.

Don't forget to drop feedback for my improvisation. Good luck & Have fun!

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hadn't even played the first till now. reminds me of the pseudo 3D stages from Contra (the even stages), but with the handy addition of the rolling dodge and the grenade instead of weapon ups (i keep expecting somebody to drop spread-shot, lol).

gotta say, i'm pretty impressed. fairly replayable, and not too overdone musically or difficulty wise, the balance is pretty well spot on. good game. thanks for the experience.

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for the review. Yup the gameplay was inspired by several NES games, including Contra.

haha, this is nice man!

the only problem with the game is how small the screen is i see myself squinting otherwise the gameplay enemies sound and visuals are pretty good but this game doesn't need a story so i don't know why it has one and it kind of ruins the gameplay a little.

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for your inputs. The small screen is actually one of the fundamental criteria I set for my games in 2018. It is to invoke a nostalgic feeling as if you were playing a retro game in emulator. I'm afraid I can't do anything about it, haha. Regarding the story, yea I had a hard time on how to present it well and simpler. I guess I gotta be content with what I have. Although it kinda ruins the gameplay like you said, it gives players some idea about each mission and how to complete it.

Loved it!
You nailed the old Atari look and the gameplay is pretty solid too. I attempted to use retro sound effects in my game but couldn't get them to sound right so I used more modern sounds. However, the sound effects are spot on in your game. Hats of to you!

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. It took me weeks to find sound effects and chiptunes best suited to the game, actually. Do check the composers whose musics/sound effects were used in the game. They have lots of awesome works.

this game is unsecured -- or just some coding problems?? I can't play the game, whenever I left click on the game I redirect to https://storm.infip lay.com/ or http://poster.vivaga mes.me/storm/reg?pn=3&sp=103&ss=WW&ts=731
(sorry if i rate one star its just unplayable) :\

Harlemblack responds:

my bad. there is some glitch that I missed during the play test. It's been fixed now. Thank you for the input.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

May 11, 2018
9:22 AM EDT
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