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Pet Store Party

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Check out this year's upcoming animated blockbuster that I'm pretty sure will definitely be made!

Celebrity Voices by the incredibly talented Piotr Michael! You can see him as FEARLESS LEADER on Amazon Prime's Rocky And Bullwinkle!

This is a clip from the About Last Night Podcast, with Adam Ray and Brad Williams.

Animated by me, Tony Celano


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Nice animation

so this was good a nice little animation here I like your style here and think if you added some flashy effects here and there in specific moments it would be nice, and maybe even adding some "SUBTITLES" wouldnt hurt either, just an idea or two but a good animation you have here.

This was not hard to understand, but it would be a nice option to have some subtitles, gives the flash just that bit more effort, and incase anything was missed you have the text right there. and it doesnt have to be much either, even having the option to toggle on or off would even be another nice idea and option for viewers and users playing or watching, just an idea or two. just something to think about.


This needs to be a movie, I would watch the shit out of it!

Those actor impersonations were just perfect. XD Maybe not Statham... but the rest! I am impressed. The style of animation and announcing everything had me thinking this was some Game Grumps-sort of sketch at first (background narrative laughing seems to have that effect these days), but once you realize it's not: so entertaining. Underrated work this time!


I'm surprised the rating is fairly low! I thought this was great! You guys have really taken on a completely new and original animation style recently. It's great to know you've been on the website so long. This did remind me of "The Secret Life Of Pets". Then again, I've never actually seen that movie.

I guess Louis CK would be out of work now. I appreciated the goofy impressions. They work out quite well. Love the "The Big Lebowski" references. That's just a great movie.

I'd watch the shit out of this