AMOZ season 2 Honoka

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It's that time, hope you guys are excited about this cause i think it turned out great. Honoka is one of my favorite girls and Milly really brings her to life with anime goodness.

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When she's riding him, the side of her torso looks really weird; kind of like modeling clay was used to attach her breasts to her torso, but it didn't quite blend well.

that was amazing!

Fucking incredible. Can't wait to see more. I'll have to join up and vote for Momiji one day

I don't know why but the island reminds me of the island in sitting ducks (2000 era cartoon) when they go treasure hunting

This was a well-animated and entertaining short feature. The voice-acting in particular should be commended, I thought it really added to the short.

The only two things I will say against it is that I'm personally not a fan of the move in adult animation towards ridiculous, cartoony proportions (although I guess the move does make some sense), and as much as I love Babymetal, I'm not sure that they're the right choice for the credits theme to an animated adult feature.

Those are my only two nitpicks, thoroughly enjoyed the rest.