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Lucy x Taurus

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Animation: Lucy Heartfilia getting mounted by Taurus on her bed as Team Natsu with shocked faces peek from behind the window.

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Why i can't see the video? I got a error message like " this submission is not compatible with your device "

this is really hot love the peeking tom

Good animation and designs, and kind of funny.

This is great, exactly what I wanted to see. Just needs more content.

At first glance, this looks fantastic. The artwork is professional in quality, and all of the subtle little elements which are manipulated [and redrawn] definitely create a much more believable environment. There's a clear indication of weight being produced thanks to your in-depth, fluent animating style. You capture an essence that motion tweening alone would never be able to replicate.

This proves that you're capable of being able to make content which can reign superior over other submissions on Newgrounds… at least in terms of visuality. But unfortunately, due to the lack of sound and interactivity, your efforts end up being lost in what appears to be nothing more but a flashy, yet blatant advertisement.

I understand that you're relying on off-site paid work in order to financially support yourself, but it seems like you’ve intentionally prevented this loop from reaching its full potential, which is very questionable as to why. Maybe I'm out of the loop, and this was a commission in which the payee didn't want to spend more money than they wanted to? I don't know dude - with little to no explanation, I'm getting the impression that you wanted the general public to take a peek at this, and overall I just feel underwhelmed.

If it had some linear progression, or (at bare minimum) some audio design, it could have felt more like an actual experience. Not only would this have resulted in your loop being more entertaining, but it could have been more effective as a promotional tool as well. Literally, it'd be the best of both worlds.

I can applause your artistic skills, but sadly it's hard for me to provide a higher score with the little amount of material that's presented here. It's a phenomenal start, but there's no real hook to catch with, if you get what I'm saying.

Go the extra mile next time!

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

May 6, 2018
3:54 AM EDT

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