Pico V.S. Piconjo Sketch vers.

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There’s only room in this NG world for one pico.
Pretty much this music video obviously takes place after MindChambers Pico's Unloaded. I always remember saying to myself I could animate just like that. So today I thought was the perfect opportunity to make those plans and can't wait to get the rest of my imagination out on the Music episode for you all. Sketches this year but next year shall be complete with color and full animation.

PS: I will be uploading weekly or so till this story board is finished especially if you all want to see the rest and how it goes please leave a comment and your support thank you. Enjoy. always love NG and the community.

PSPSP: I just wanted to know is 70 frames per second ok to work with? Or is it too much?

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I don't know how you did it but this made me feel 14 again.

Great choice of music.

Rovertarthead responds:

Thanks man I'll Get back to work this for sure.

So far so good. I can't wait for the finished product.

One question though; will this end with the both of them getting pizza?

EDIT: Over one year later and I'm still visiting. I also noticed Blockhead near the start. Even the world's ultimate idiot knows to avoid this brewing snowstorm. Still looking forward to the finished product. <3

Rovertarthead responds:

Thank you very much I will get back to it from time to time I’ve already made some more animation of it I’m just not going to update it too much since I was told not to. And about the pizza well ask the ninja turtles.

Pretty good, but the storyline was not that great. Keep up the good work guys! I know you guys put a ton of effort in it.

Rovertarthead responds:

What guys? I am the only one doing all the work! Besides the entire story boards not even complete yet and based on two iconic knuckle heads that fight eachother so that's your storyline and pourpus so far lol. I will be uploading at least monthly

all 5 stars ! happy pico day <3

Rovertarthead responds:

Thank you so much happy pico day!

Can't wait for the less sketchy version of this. :) Also 70 FPS... that seems insanely detailed! Maybe animators are working with higher rates now than they used to, but back in the day 24 was easily good enough - and with video 30 seems like standard. 70... sounds awesome but also like it could be way more work than it needs to be! Best ask advice from the pros, though, what do I really know. Good stuff.


Rovertarthead responds:

Well no that’s just me I love animation and want to go all out LOL and yeah that’s good advice to I’ll go do that. Thanks very much for your support to I can’t wait as well I’ll be doing my best!

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May 5, 2018
10:47 AM EDT
Music Video