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The Couch

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Check in-game settings menu, or our Patreon for the Changelog.

Download the High Quality PC Version on itch.io!

Update | v0.1.5 | 5/24/2018: Graphics settings added, all settings are off at default for compatibility reasons! Turn them on if your PC can handle it!

Bottom left panel has "Interaction" and "Speak". And 3 Icons.

"Interaction" is a dynamic menu of all the actions you can take on Naomi, only showing currently available commands. You might break the animations clicking through these too fast :P

"Speak" is dialogue options you can say to Naomi to get a response. At the moment these are limited to a few to change her mood.

Womb Icon: Show cross-section so you can see her womb

Shirt icon: Toggle multiple states of the shirt

Cog wheel: Access settings, adding censoring icons for streaming or recording, and allowing changing the dick color to whatever you want.

To the Right you have two bars and a slider, the two bars represent the Players and Naomi's arousal. The slider lets you adjust sex speed.

The lock icon lets you lock the bars.

You can Zoom in using the mouse wheel, and pan with the right click, this will be improved in the future. Sorry this is a bit odd.

Dialogue system works but doesn't check for updates properly, so dialogue changes may seem sporadic rather than directly related to interactions. Choices work fine though. We'll fix this in future updates.

There's almost certainly more issues, but I did my best to handle any reported ones...

Thanks to our early supporters we're finally able to realize the vision of the "The Couch" demo we released last year!

The couch is a game about you and Naomi, who have been in a relationship for a while but lately Naomi has been acting weird. You've learned her secret and decide to confront her, Naomi being the shy type won't come out and say it so easily. What will you do?

This time around we're implementing full control, cum where you like, and even say things to Naomi!

This first release is labeled the "Gameplay" update with the primary focus being getting the core game play features working. Future updates will have a story and content focus, adding more positions, interaction options, dialogue choices, and endings based on your interaction, all with additional sex scenes!

For people who have been watching this project for a while, thank you for your patience and look forward to more soon!

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I love this game, even though it is incomplete I still love this game. It's art style looks so beautiful and expressed, it's very unique and I like it when someone tries to do something unique, because if you try something new and it fails it can be a massive bust, or if you do manage to succeed on making a unique piece of art like this then it's no question that this will succeed, the art is also really eye catching when browsing these type of games.

When I said "unique" you must be thinking on why i would call a whole game "unique" if the only thing that's unique about it is its art style but it's still the same old visual novel with the usual T and A formula. Well yes and no, yes because it is just the usual visual novel with the usual T&A but also no since there are a lot of erotic visual novel games out there and none of them really piques my interest since it's just the same "you're a handsome guy and every girl wants to fuck you after talking to them" whilst this one's plot is actually based off of a faithful relationship, realistic and wholesome. None of that ahegao, somewhat extreme, and begging for dick type of plot that's literally in every erotic visual novels and I admit that those elements i just gave are not at all appealing or new. so that something like this with the whole relationship, real life type thing stands out on its own truly making it unique from the total norm you see.
In the art it's pretty self explanatory why it's unique since it's absolutely beautiful and high resolution. The character design is also nothing to scoff at since it's not the usual exaggerated big tits big ass you know the drill. The only thing that I really find that i can think of as a bad thing in this game is the UI on the sex scene I hope you can somewhat hide them easily to not cover up the whole thing and it also looks plain and the UI on the demo version is actually really pretty I hope you can slightly adapt the UI from the demo to the final version of the game to sorta fit the kind of aesthetic we're going with. But even something like the UI won't keep me from giving this game a 5 star rating it's honestly really good. That would be all from me.

how do you change the position?

bro I love this song, there's no way you can make it available for me to download?

Good game, cumming together was a bit challenging but overall it felt really rewarding once I pulled it off. 4/5