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Hi everyone, It's been a long time I hope you don't hate me. xD <-

I made some changes like removing the zoom button, which was replaced by just clicking the center of the stage in a very large area, plus I added a new button for those who just want to change automatically, it can be set to less time or disabled completely.

The commissioner is a writer who added the following story to the animation:

" The idea behind this picture was mostly Mewtwo who has taken a peek of Watt's promising power, and his interest grew even more when he heard Zener was mentoring him. So, Mewtwo paid them a surprise visit, but found Zener and Watt doing a different kind of training.

After-all even if the Alakazam does help Watt in mastering his power and knowledge, his lessons were also about sex ed, after all the Pikachu is still a youngling.

Confused at first, Mewtwo immediately adapted his plans : originally wanting to show them his new form, Shadow Mewtwo, and test Zener and the Pikachu, he thought that ths kind of training could works too. And could be a nice way to try his new form in a non-fighting situation.

Watt accepted the offer from Mewtwo, and Zener himself saw the interest behind the new form, and how it can help bringing new experience to the kid. Well, after the Alakazam lost a sparing match with Mewtwo, leading to this result : https://inkbunny.net/s/1207450 .

With this new experience in mind, Zener decided to train Watt even more to stand Mewtwo's new form. And maleness as well. "

Well, I hope you enjoy the animation!

Greetings ~

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to @UltimatePleinair . I am the commissioner, and you... have a fair point about the cheesy fanfic stuff xp.
It's not that far from the truth. The characters here are ocs from a stories, but the story of this fIash isn't canon. Just a PWP/lemon for a pairing (or two) I do enjoy xp. nothing more.
The "story" is mostly to give a context to the flash.

This is very hot! short, but still! really interesting to see straight up MxM on here XD glad to see a change

This Pokemon themed movie looks goof, but could be better. You should have the option to make it straight. Adding more actions and partners would help as well.

On the right side of the screen pikachu's Sack seems to be fused with his anus pretty sure they're normally a few inches apart. That's pretty much it, also some more straight options would be nice too (But not to worried about that). Also why does the "story" the commissioner come up with sound like a 12 Year old girl's cheesy fan fiction? Anyways Good Job still looks nice despite you being gone for a while.
- 1 Star for weird perspective Alakazam seems to be dildo punching Pikachu's left inner thigh. Edit: @Etherspear WE CAN TAG PEOPLE NOW HOLY CHRIST!. I guess you learn something new everday.

im a fan i wish this site had more decent gay animations

ZpectralKrystal responds:

Hehe x) I would like too