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Madness Desolation Part 2

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Enjoy :)

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Hey, that's pretty good.

I like it

Not bad. The sort of overall theme is nothing too new, but nothing bad either. The animation is a little bit stiff, particularily the walking is not your strongest point.

Now to the good parts. Good length, not just a clip and not too dragged out either. Enemies to an extent react and try to defend themselves. There are some funny and interesting kills in here, such as stealing the magazine and knocking a guy out with it. It's not just a stream of grunts being gunned down in the same way, which I think is important. I haven't seen the fading blood effect you use before, and you used a nice effect for the teleportation in the end. You also add a good amount of props to each room.

In the end, if you keep practicing the animation will get better. After that get some self made sprites in there and come up with a unique setting and you're good.

Mark741 responds:

Thanks for the comment m8, walking is indeed not my strong pont (I mentioned in my earlier movies as well) anyway, i'll keep on practicing off course :)

The way the characters walk feels janky and the way they move in battle can also be a bit unnatural and not very fluid. For instance, in the first fight sequence, the guy does a backflip, and while in the air, pulls himself back with the power of his mind, and then does a wiggly jump off the ground. That move felt very weird. Then, when he's in the armory, he takes a silenced pistol even though he's not being very discreet instead of grabbing one of the automatic rifles right behind him. Also there was one zombie who got hit with a whack on the head (which is not enough for a zombie) and didn't explode, even though we later see that all zombies explode. I guess those were specially augmented zombies or something. Speaking of which, why would you keep deadly zombies in your lab blocking your exit at all times? And then why would you have the release mechanism be a single button? That's carnage just waiting to happen. The long fighting part felt drawn out and out of place. Right before that, a guy got rammed by a car and wasn't completely smashed up into bits. He just got nailed to the wall without any blood.
Now, it may seem like I utterly hated your animation, but I didn't. I've seen much worse and if you take some of these tips and keep improving your animation, you could make good madness. So keep practicing, dude!

Mark741 responds:

Thanks I guess? Try to set your mind to 0 and don't analyze to much. allthough thanks for the honesty.

One more great movie from you. The only moment I really didn't liked was the fighting at 1:30. Keep up the great work dude and good luck.

Mark741 responds:

Thanks dude :D. I'll always try to better myself ^^