DK Reanimated Scene

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This is my final version of my Donkey Kong Country Reanimated scene. I had a blast doing it but it drove me bananas. It took me a while because I kept monkeying around. Enjoy!
Keep up with the collab over at https://twitter.com/DKReanimated

Audio from Kong for a Day episode of Donkey Kong Country series

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Well that was kind of funny, very short though but the "ANIMATION" itself was really good I do wish this was a tad longer though maybe a few more scenes would sufice and would be brilliant for this character, anyways nice job here cute little animation you have.

Notbad of a film, A very short toon you have here, too short if you ask me, you can add more shorts to this one so that theresmore to see, but just the one short seems like a waste, besides with more shorts all together more people will enjoy it much more, and allowing for a better outcome and score. but I liked what you presented.


elgordo11x responds:

Thanks! But this is actually apart of a collaboration project where tons of animators do individual scenes of a cartoon and put them together. Thanks for the feedback regardless!

Omg, nice work, i like this.

I wonder what happened the sound. Good animation though for sure!

elgordo11x responds:

I goofed! The correct file is uploaded now!

very smooth nice flow. part of a bigger project i hope?

elgordo11x responds:

Yes! Part of the DK Reanimated collab! Check description for info

Is it just me or is the audio not working here...? Animation looks great though! Smooth and entertaining (though totally out of context outside the collab XD).


elgordo11x responds:

Sorry! I messed up with the files! The correct one is uploaded now!