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[Vinesauce Joel Animated] What A Beautiful Duwang 2

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(Originally Created: 25th June 2017)

What A Beautiful Duwang (Again)

Original Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znP7cOuq4yY

I hope you enjoy this Bizarre animation!

Enjoy! :D

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AwesomeAarons/

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Well this was an entertaining film not very long but still pretty good, and just a nice piece I think more animation on "BODY-PARTS" like limbs and heads would sufice and make this much better flowing and such, but overall a good little film you have here.

More animation on limbs and such.


anything jojo is good to me i love this

The characters could use more expressive movement since a good amount of the time they just have a simple tweened movement, the lip-syncing could also use some work. But this was still okay

As a person who recently started getting hooked on Jojo, I can understand most of the jokes, though I only laughed a bit at Kira's part. Yare yare.

Anyway, nice nice animation! Very nice, Aaron-chan!

AwesomeAarons responds:

Aww Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Amsyar-chan! :D

Eddworld style huh. :) No idea what's going on here, if there really is something specific going on but... entertaining it was! Random voicing well-matched.


AwesomeAarons responds:

Haha Thanks :)