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Madness Vendetta

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Info: Due to stress by school, I wasn't able to finish this properly. I am sorry for mistakes I made there.
Thanks Dj for music and Endik55 for picture.

Story: We started as Factorio and this storyline comes to the end. Last episode will come in future.
In this episode, something bad happened, who will solve this problem? Watch it and you will know.

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this animation is very good! please give me the soundtrack? it's so epic! 5 deserved shots.

I never seen better movie


So this was a decent little movie here I like the "CACTUS" entrance on this that was cool, so I was thinking whats different about this madness flick vs the other million ones and I have to say that cactus really is a good idea, anyways nice movie here, hope to see more.

Make them longer and ad more random and unique stuff like you did with the cactus.


not bad a lot faster placed then some like (prov22 example) DJJANER WHERE IS THIS AUDIO BOY!

Lots of talking with no point, cause plot interest is below zero, and when the action comes, it's nothing worth watching. You are beginner animator, I give you that, you have some nice ideas,
but you really need to practice your animation skills more, before you actually publish some serious project. Two and half a star for trying, don't wanna mess up your rating of this animation. But consider making one good animation, instead of extreme mass of poorly animated short craps, where you spend 70% of animation with uninteresting story.

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3.26 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2018
11:13 AM EDT