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Whoreizon: Body Morph Demo

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Author Comments

It’s an updated version of Body Morph-build I made specially for you – my Newgrounds Community!

Please – play in a FULL SCREEN mode (F), so you can avoid problems with cursor moved away from active area!

WASD – movement
E – interact
F – full screen mode
Mouse Wheel – zoom

Enjoy and leave your feedback, please! It really helps me!
Right now you can try this version for free and then maybe you'd like to try new Alpha 02 Release ( https://www.patreon.com/whoreizon ) –

All new releases available here – www.whoreizon.me
I added more content, better graphics, and story intro!

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Seems serviceable. Hard to tell for me. For whatever reason the simplest unity crap always turns into a slideshow for me. At least if it's anything more than menus and buttons and simple 2d stuff. Possibly my fault as opposed to any of these programs but fuck if I can figure out how.

Not bad. Would prefer skin color options. I am excited to see the full game.

Sweet 1994 game bro! Is it available on floppy?

Looking good, but the hair looks too unrealistic (which would be O.K. if the rest was intended to be unrealistic too, but I don´t get that feel)
Furthermore, I need to agree that the customisation focus on bottom and breasts leaves too little room for actual customisation and the censor in the crotch makes this mini-game loose a lot of attractive.

In general, though I see lots of work to be done, I like the work so far.

Intimate parts (pubic zone) not visual enough at all (not visible and appears like a scar). I actually detest the games that censor that body part and have then the audacity to call themselves adult games. It needed to be visually obvious and dealt with in the body options (Hairy or not/ what type of hairy).

I consider indeed that focus on breasts and bottom only as ridiculous and poorly fetichist on my own, knowing that things happen between the legs, something the weirdos often tend to forget.

So what is this game about then? ... growing the breasts and the behind of a female... Ridiculous.